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Hypnosis for the Treatment of Tinnitus

Hypnosis is a highly focused state of attention during which we can perceive and experience things differently. In our daily life we often experience this highly focused and somewhat detached state, for example, when we are day dreaming or absorbed in a book, or the computer, or watching TV or a film.

But when hypnosis is used in the clinical setting, it can help us to make changes we want to achieve by building skills and strengthening inner resources to overcome particular difficulties and problems. So the contemporary understanding of hypnosis is that it is a natural ability we all have (to a greater or smaller extent as we are all different) that we can use in a clinical setting to make desired changes.

With the development of knowledge in the field of neuro-science, we now know that when we are in this highly focused state of attention, our brains process information differently although knowledge about what happens in the brain during hypnosis is still in its infancy.

But what we do know is that when we are focused in this way, we can be especially responsive to new ideas and possibilities that can help us make desired changes. That is, when we are in hypnosis, we are more receptive to suggestions.

Most importantly, however, there are studies which show that hypnosis can be effective in the treatment and management of tinnitus; whilst research into hypnosis and tinnitus is not extensive, it is encouraging and consistent with feedback received to date from our tinnitus clients.

Hypnosis can help people with tinnitus become less distressed about the tinnitus and more positive and skilled at managing it. It can sometimes also help with reducing the experience of the tinnitus.

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