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TESTIMONIALS: Some comments from local clients who undertook the tinnitus recovery program which included these hypnosis recordings

"I was surprised by the positive results. I am now much more positive about my tinnitus and feel more in control. I would certainly recommend to others".

Connor T.

Modbury, South Australia

"My tinnitus perception has reduced and I think about it less. I am now more optimistic about dealing with my tinnitus".

Kerry C.

Morphett Vale, South Australia

"The hypnosis recordings are helpful and encouraging. This taught me how to unwind and turn off from the tinnitus. It's been a very helpful experience and I now have more control over my tinnitus".

Richard P.

Toorak Gardens, South Australia

"I'm less stressed and I am now more accepting and less bothered by my tinnitus".

Sandy D.

Tusmore, South Australia

"Most beneficial and the hypnosis scripts were very helpful. I was initially skeptical but was surprised that it was effective and I experienced noticeable improvement in my tinnitus. I would definitely recommend this to others".

Cheryl G.

Adelaide, South Australia

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